Whimsical Jewelry for the Child Within


Betsy Frost’s jewelry designs reflect her unconventional background and view of the world around her. When scientific fields such as medicine and psychology failed to satisfy Frost’s creative bug, she turned to metalworking. Metal proved to be a great medium for channeling Frost’s interpretations of the natural world. Her brand was an immediate success upon launching.

The pieces on betsyfrostdesign.com draw inspiration from vastly different natural objects and phenomena, but they are united by their whimsical, almost playful designs. The Barcelona Collection features oversized blossoms, almost like the kind a child would draw. The Wave Pendants are abstract swirls of blue and silver. The Mussel Shells Collection illustrates Frost’s ingenuity. Instead of simply dangling identical charms off of earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, each piece of jewelry incorporates the little shells in a different way. The necklaces are strands of shells arranged end to end, and the bracelets are ropes of interwoven shells. The rings feature intricate arrangements of three-dimensional mussel shells and freshwater pearls.

Similarly, the Starfish Collection includes pieces adorned with varied charms and accent arrangements, and they could all be worn together for a look that is cohesive but not overtly matched. There are delicate silver necklaces with clusters of starfish and seashells, as well as turquoise chokers with only one starfish charm right in the center.
The earrings are sold individually, so you could pick up a set of identical ones or a few in different styles to combine however you wish. You could even wear some of these pieces with a sailboat or anchor necklace from the Nautical Collection.

The Petal and Branches Collection mixes metals for a striking effect. Though the arrangements are slightly different across the various pieces, the branches are silver and the hydrangeas are gold. The cuff bracelet makes impactful use of this motif, and the branch necklace features no gold flowers, just spiky silver twigs.

Betsy Frost Design proves that artistic, unique jewelry can still be mature and elegant. Frost’s abstract interpretations of the natural world come to life in her chosen medium of precious metals.