Deciding when it is Right to Have Cosmetic Surgery


Cosmetic surgery is not what it once was, in the past it used to simply be nose and boob jobs for celebrities, but things have changed and their are now hundreds of body modification options for you. I recently received a series of treatments for cellulite reduction in my legs from Live Gorgeous OC and the results have been fantastic. I’m not sure that I would have the bravery to go under the knife but I will definitely be looking to have some more non-intrusive treatments such as this in the future.

I think that in the modern world, cosmetic surgery is far more accepted than in the past but I worry that perhaps people’s search for the perfect body can take them too far. When it comes to deciding on when is the right time to have cosmetic surgery here are the things that I think you should consider.

Where is the Problem?

Almost everyone has some type of complaint with their body that they would like to improve, if it is just one or two things then I think this is perfectly healthy and cosmetic surgery can give you great results. If you have a long list of areas of your body that you wish to change then I think first you should speak to a professional about your body image issues. Very often the problem is in the mind and not in the body, if this is the case then it doesn’t matter how much surgery you have, you’ll never be happy.

What are Your Reasons?

When I decided to have my cellulite worked on it was because I just don’t like it, I didn’t want to wear short skirts or dresses as it made me self conscious, and undressing, even alone made me feel a little sad when I saw my legs. Nobody ever told me it was unsightly, I did it for me and for me alone. Thinking on your reason for surgery or treatments is important, you should never alter your body just because somebody says so or because you want to keep up with whatever is fashionable. Make a simple list of pros and cons and decide who you are really doing it for and why.

Think of the Future

If you are young and you are considering cosmetic surgery, it is important that you try to think years ahead. Treatments do not always last forever and you should consider if there is an option to have treatment again in the future and if you can afford it. Remember that your body will continue to change through the years and you should consider how your body will look after these changes along with whatever surgery it is that you will have done. It is difficult to plan so far ahead and nobody has the right answer so you should speak to your surgeon and ask plenty of questions before deciding whether to have your body modified.