From Patiala to leggings!!


Culture has so much influence on us. Right from our value systems, morals, dressing style , food & our life style in general. Each culture brings with it a freshness & newness. Each of it has its own uniqueness & speciality. Similarly we all are unique creations of the almighty and ‘women’ are the most special and rare of the entire mankind species. An epitome of beauty grace and love, their tenacity & strength have always been revered from time immemorial. When it comes to clothing, women are the most confused souls on the planet! Well don’t be astonished! Every man & even women would agree with that statement. Women & clothes are one mystifying combination! And now even more, when women can get access to dresses from all across the globe in whatever style, pattern, design they wish to; thanks to the internet. Online shopping for women has never been so enthralling and has become a very dear pastime for the women folk today.

Our granny’s are used to wearing the loose & comfy Patiala’s.  These traditional styles remain evergreen & will never go out of fashion. Today’s girls want to go in for something which is easy to wear & stylish at the same time. Printed leggings online India is scoring big on the fashion charts. Even stockings online shopping is picking up. Girls are going crazy over stockings in different hues & patterns. These go best with short dresses & even shorts. You can save yourself from the sun-burn & the ugly tan with these & still fulfil your wish to wear shorts. They are super comfortable & fabulously stylish have also picked up much demand in the market. Now the trend is shifting to these slender looking slim fit bottom wear. Gone are the days when girls wore bell bottoms & lose pants.  For those who are overweight, leggings do make them look sleeker. It is a one stop solution for them to look lean & slim.

Stockings online shopping is picking up greatly. People want to save time & effort & avail cool discounts online. American Swan presents the rarestcollection of leggings, slacks & stockings in multiple patterns & colours suited for the need of the modern Indian women. You can get your most comfy cotton legging online at just a click. No longer do you have to walk miles and search for that turquoise shade of legging or the derby peach and the floral printed one- Our designers have put special attention to its fit & elasticity. Your comfort is of paramount interest to us and we make sure each legging just fits you with ease and shows your body type the way you want. Having hues of the American fashion fervour, we also offer women pullovers online. Buy for yourself or gift it to loved ones- they would love our collection because we believe in narrating a breath taking tale on fabrics which make you look you’re very best!