Overlining vs. Lip Fillers: Can You Fake Your Way to Fuller Lips?

Would you love luscious lips that are plump and pouty? Well, you’re not alone. We’ve all seen the horrifying results many women have received from sucking on cups or bottle tops in a bid to get Kylie Jenner style pouts, but is there a safer way of volumising your smile?

Of course. Two of the most effective ways of giving your lips the boost you think they need are:

  1. To invest in a lip filler treatment from a trained professional.
  2. To temporary fake a fuller pout by overlining your lips.

So, if you’d die for lips like Kylie Jenner, take a look at our simple step-by-step guide to overlining your lips and then join us in the debate of overlining vs. fillers.


How to Overline Your Lips

In order to complete this look, you will need a sharpened, smooth matte lip liner in your chosen shade. Generally, the darker the colour, the bolder lips look.

Please note:Make sure your lips are clean, dry and smooth before applying any makeup.

Step One: Start off by simply lining your lips. This will clearly define their edge and provide you with a base to work around.

Step Two: Begin building up your lips by outlining them again, bit by bit. Overlining should only be focussed on the middle of the bottom lip and the Cupid’s bow, and not the sides. This will make your lips look naturally fuller, rather than clown or fish-like.

If you decide to extend the height of your Cupid’s bow arches, make sure to raise the level of the valley between too or you may start to look a little ‘pointy’.

Step Three:Once you have perfected your overlining, it is time to fill in the rest of your lips with the same pencil. For fast, even coverage tilt the pencil slightly and use the side to fill.

Step Four: Next, swipe on a layer of lipstick in the same shade on top. This will make your lip colour more even and appear bolder.

You’re Instagram ready now, but be aware it does take some time to perfect this technique. Don’t be afraid to grab the makeup remover wipes and try again.

Here’s a great video tutorial of the process by makeup vlogger Kausha M…

Overlining vs. Lip Fillers: Which is Better?

So, can overlining ever really look realistic or is it better to pay a visit to the professionals for an enhancement treatment?

Well, done properly, overlining your lips can be an affordable and non-invasive way to faking your way to a plumper pout. However, this lip-filling technique can take quite a bit of time to produce and can look odd without a full face of makeup. Also, it is likely the lip liner will need topping up throughout the day, especially after food or drink.

A lip enhancement treatment, although more pricey, will provide you with natural-looking fuller lips 24/7 for up to 6 months without the need to spend hours every day painting your face. There is no other lip enhancement technique that can produce such effective, natural looking results.

Which will you choose? Well, that’s likely down to price and whether you can bare needles or not. Let us know your opinions!

If you decide overlining won’t give you the appearance you’re looking for, visit Perfect Lips by Dr Rob to learn more about pain-free lip enhancement. A favourite among celebrities, book your free lip enhancement consultation by calling 0333 577 9293.