Aesthetic dentistry is a comparatively newer term, which is aimed to enhance the facial appearance of a person by customizing his or her teeth, gums, or bite. There are different modalities used in aesthetic dentistry now to improve a person’s dental aesthetics as of color, shape, size, position, alignment, appearance, and smile etc.

Teeth are major components that affect the facial appearance. A beautiful smile can surely add a lot to one’s overall charm and confidence. The specialty dental clinics are now practicing on aesthetic dental technologies, and there are many new equipment and procedures used to change the anatomy of the teeth and give it a more admirable look.

No doubt that everyone wants to look beautiful and presentable, hence the popularity of aesthetic surgery too is increasing day by day and the researchers have discovered new ways to offer better results. The major specialties under aesthetic dentistry include:

  • Orthodontics
  • Prosthodontics
  • Periodontics
  • Endodontics

An “Aesthetic Dentist” is not simply a dental specialist, but it is more of an art to make something existing more admirable based on the personal taste of clients. If you are searching for a specialized dental clinic for successful aesthetic dentistry practices in US, is a reliable option.

Types of Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetic Dentistry is on the rise now. You may have already heard of the most popular one among these procedures as ‘teeth whitening’, which people used to do from ancient times on. Apart from this basic procedure, there are different types of advanced modalities too now in aesthetic dentistry as to customize the size, color, and finish of the teeth and gum. Some of the other popular techniques of aesthetic dentistry, which you can avail at are as below.

  • Braces – These are basically light metal devices, which can be placed onto the teeth directly to well align the teeth. The basic purpose of bracing is to straighten the teeth, which have outward bending.
  • Implants – There are various types of implants, and the placement of titanium device is the most common type to replace missing teeth. This is a minor surgical procedure in which the metal is getting fixed on to the jawbone as permanent fixation.
  • Teeth whitening – It is a kind of bleaching process that can be used to regain the natural white color of the teeth. Stains can be removed through this process, which can be done at home also with a dentist’s advice.
  • Crowns – These are also called dental caps, which cover the broken or decayed tooth to restore its shape and look. There are various crowns available at different rates. The best models have a long life expectancy.
  • Bonding – A tooth-colored resin is used to fill the gaps of teeth or to change color. First the resin is applied to the tooth and then it is hardened with laser light. The expert will them trim and shape these to the needed position and then polishes. This procedure is ideal for cracked, decayed, and chipped teeth.

Other aesthetic dentistry treatments offered by include but not limited to veneers, shaping, bridges, root canal treatment etc.

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