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What kind of cancer is Hugo Chavez?

While his 14-minute press conference, Chavez did not explain what kind of cancer he has, medical specialists did a diagnostic analysis of the president of Venezuela and possible cancer found that could affect the president.

In an interview published Friday by the Chilean newspaper "La Tercera", three doctors look at Chavez's speech and explain what could be happening with the president's health.

The urologist at the University of Chile, Cristian Acevedo, told La Tercera that could be "an abscess caused by a metastatic prostate cancer, colon or other body migrated to the pelvic area."

Meanwhile, Diego Reyes, a urologist at the Institute of Biomedical Sciences, U. Chile, believes that "it is a node that grew very fast and abscessed. It could also be a cancer to other structures in the pelvic cavity, but in both cases it would be a secondary tumor"

Finally, the director of the School of Medicine U. Andrés Bello, Dr. Jaime Contreras, believed that the disease "could be related to a gastrointestinal cancer which was drilled, breaking the wall of the intestine."

Chavez said in a conference that underwent surgery in Cuba for the removal of the tumor and is now under treatment, but gave no details.

In his speech, Bush acknowledged not having gone to the doctor in "years" and lamented his mistake.

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