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How to dress the first day of work


For most people it is a real problem knowing how to dress in an interview or the first day of work and to give a good impression on a company I started is essential and it is important that we convey trust and in that sense the clothes long.


Tips for dressing the first day of work :

Each job requires a style of clothing:

  • Before you start thinking about the clothes that we get to start working, it is essential to be clear about the style that we stick on the type of work that we will develop.
  • For very good impression that we will not want to wear a suit of executive if we are doing surveys on the street and not go with jeans and sneakers if for example we work in a company that requires more formality.
  • Nor is recommended that you fix too much and the next day views informally. Remember that it is best to be consistent when you choose the fashion to wear in your first day and the rest of them.



Look at your classmates:

  • If you have no idea and notes on the first day wore a suit perhaps too formal or you have not lived up to the circumstances, it is important that you care for the other fellow and see, more or less, how they dressed. Maybe you can get ideas and especially if you know someone from that work is better that you call for some "consejillo" before starting.

Formality at all:

  • However informal it work, however much you are going to be surrounded by a relaxed atmosphere where everyone can wear what you want, you better bet for your first day with something formal.
  • Dark pants and tube skirts are a good choice for a first day of work. In addition you can combine both garments a top or blouse.
  • On the other hand, if you see you can go with jeans, for work in a store such as depended, it is always better than T-shirts combine basic, nothing fancy, without many details and if they have better prints or drawings better.



Makeup for the first day of work:

  • On the other hand we have the makeup that is also essential for the first day of work. Like a job interview, it is important to appear natural and nothing excessive, so it's better than the least wear makeup.
  • A little concealer, a bit of shadow (or any of it) and a little powder and you're ready for a first day of work.
  • As for the hairstyle, you'd better know or ask before you start if you've somehow combing in concrete. If you do not ask for anything specific, wear her hair in the first day of work is much better because you show your face without having to hide with the hair and it's going to be more comfortable.

It is important that in addition to choosing the right clothes on your first day at work, you are calm and relaxed so you can convey that assurance that I mentioned earlier so we can show very natural and you notice that you're nervous.

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